Your Outsourced International Office 

in South East Asia

The University Hub - Indonesia

The University Hub – Indonesia was established in 2022 building on 4 years-experience of our independent rep placement across Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia and is now home to the University of Liverpool and Leeds Beckett University Indonesia offices. In recognition of increased demand by the sector coupled with the significant challenges faced to ensure legal and regulatory compliance should they pursue independently, we expanded our facilities in August 2023 to cater for an additional 8 university partnerships over the next 12 – 18 months.

Ensuring ease of entry and legal compliance is a vital value add, but our real strength is our brand and depth of connections in Indonesia that allows us to attract significant talent (on average 400+ applications per job posting) and then our ability to provide the university with unparalleled market access to schools, universities, and agents all from a professional work environment in the heart of Jakarta’s Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). In sum – The University Hub by Noble Solutions has been built to be a localised offset of our university clients’ International office designed to generate greater market returns and greater efficiency of market spend.

What We Offer Through The University Hub:
  • Advice on Market Rates
  • Operational Funding Flow
  • Employee Contract Development
  • Job Description, Posting & Advertising
  • Initial Applicant Screening
  • Round One Interview Filtering
  • Round Two Interview Support
  • Assurance of Local Tax Compliancy
  • Understanding of Cultural Context
  • Dedicated Desk Space & Storage
  • Local Design & Print Network