Mergers & Acquisitions

As higher Education Institutions (HEI’S) continue to prioritise internationalisation as a central tenant of sustainability, the number seeking mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or independent branch campuses in overseas markets is on the rise. Even the most globally focused HEI’s will encounter regulatory complexities, and often misunderstand business practices and local context when attempting to enter emerging markets.

With strong local footholds in the markets of Vietnam & Indonesia, we pride ourselves on understanding the intrinsic details of how the education market is ever-evolving; keeping our ear to the ground. Through local knowledge and long-built connections, we are able to guide our clients that seek to establish local operations in-country. We work from the stage of initial scoping and research through to screening, vetting and engagement with highly concentrated prospects.

Our key services in this field relate to:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Access
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Partner identification
  • Institutional & Government Connections
  • Merger, Acquisition & J.V. Structuring
  • Programme Accreditation & Approvals
  • Guidance – Operational License Approval