An education consultancy specialising in the development of Transnational Education (TNE) partnerships in Asia.

Developing Educational Partnerships in SEA Countries

Representing the interests of a small number of public universities from the United Kingdom (UK), Noble Solutions identifies reputable institutions in Asia that have the capacity to deliver UK degree awarding programmes in-country. 

Positioned as an education gateway to Asia, we are Irish owned and managed, with local operations in Wicklow – Ireland, Hanoi – Vietnam, and Jakarta – Indonesia. Since 2015, we have developed and continue to manage TNE partnerships in the markets of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, and as of 2022 we are exploring the merits of the UAE, Pakistan and Mauritius markets. We anticipate being in a position to offer new partnership prospects to our clients in these 8 countries moving forward.

Beyond Sourcing Potential Opportunities

We advance the partnerships through the various due diligence channels, ensuring the successful establishment, as well as ongoing marketing and management activities. Additionally, we offer tailored education solutions in the region that allow universities to employ dedicated representatives and establish local footprints via our extensive business and educational network.