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TNE Partnerships - Offshore

Our primary service is the development and management of offshore Transnational Education Partnerships (TNE) between universities in the UK (The Awarding Partner) and public/private colleges/universities across Asia (The Delivery Partner). We source and facilitate best fit offshore delivery partners, ranging from institutions that simply want to deliver one or two international programmes in their region, to those that wish to deliver a suite of programmes or even build/operate a branch campus.

TNE Partnerships - Online or Blended

As the world navigated the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of and demand for online and blended delivery increased substantially, resulting in new educational opportunities. This model can take 2 formats, either a local delivery provider is appointed in-market (college or university) that will be responsible for promoting the programme and supporting the students, or the UK university delivers the programme online and/or face to face in the said market independently, retaining full quality and programme oversight. In the independent model, the UK university will use Noble Solutions for logistical purposes such as securing all local approvals and licences, as well as marketing and promoting the partnership.




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