Education in Indonesia

vietnam-map-02Market Facts

  • Capital City : Jakarta
  • Second City : Surabaya
  • Population : Approximately 264 million
  • Primary Language : Indonesian
  • Economic Growth Rate (2017) : 5.2%
  • GDP per capital (2016) : 3,570 USD
  • Foreign Education Being Delivered in-Country : Available
  • Foreign Education Being Delivered in-Country : Available
  • Government Approval Process to Deliver Foreign Education in-Country : Yes
  • Number of overseas students in 2016 : 41,919

Transnational Higher Education Trends

Indonesia is a huge country with nearly 4.3 million active students at senior high school level in 2016. There are over 2,000 higher education institutions located across the country which only 30 of them are public. In terms of international qualification delivery in-country especially from the UK institution, there are a limited number of providers has operated in collaboration with local private institution. The Indonesian Ministry of Education Directorate General of Higher Education, DIKTI, has restricted criteria for local institutions to develop a partnership with foreign education institutions, which caused difficulties and uncertainties for the outside to enter. However, Dikti has recently loosened its regulations for the international cooperation and welcoming a number of foreign universities to operate in Indonesia under branch campuses structure but with some conditions. It was suggested that the new policy from the government would open a gate for UK universities to officially enter the market.

Noble Solutions opened its representative office in Indonesia since September 2015 and has build up significant connections with local universities and colleges in the country. We are in a good position to assist UK universities to find potential prospect and develop a long-term beneficial partnership.